About Us

Well I guess this whole journey for us started from a conversation with a childhood friend and brother from another mother. We happened to be talking about festivals we had been to and he told me how he and his partner went from festival bliss to almost festival fists! “A lot can happen between dragging your gear from the boot of your car to the campsite a couple of kilometres away” he said, “it really put a dampener on the weekend”.

I wondered how many other people had the same experience. There has to be an easier way……

Meet the Pamper the Camper Team

Festival Camping Gear


Chief of Staff

Chief of staff, part time hipster, full time bad ass. (Kind of a big deal around here)

Festival Camping Gear


Customer Experience and Pampering Manager

If there was a festival in your back garden Erín would be at it.

Festival Camping Gear


Head of Finance

Head of Finance and ahead of everybody else getting to the bar! If you don’t see Lílí at our shop you will find her somewhere near the main stage.

Festival Camping Gear


Crisis Managment and Customer Service Guru

Crisis managment and customer service guru. If there’s a problem yo she’ll solve it, check out the DJ while Reáltín resolves it!