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About Us

The idea for Pamper the Camper, like most ideas, started with a conversation in the kitchen. While chatting about dragging all our festival gear miles from the carpark to the campsite, we asked ourselves the following questions. Is there any easy way to camp at festivals without the hassle?  Who can you turn to if something goes wrong over the weekend?

The reality was that apart from a phone call to your folks or friends to get you spare pegs or a tent, you were pretty much on your own! This all changed in 2015 when we set up Pamper the Camper.   As we have been going to festivals for years, we knew exactly what could go wrong and how to fix it.

We stock a full range of camping equipment and festival essentials which you can order online prior to the event and pick it all up from us at the campsite.  Over the weekend we also run a fully stocked camping supply shop where you can pick up festival essentials or buy a tent to replace the one you left on the bus on the way to the festival (it happens…. a lot!)

We have a presence at most of the major festivals in Ireland, Northern Ireland and are excited with the prospect of moving further afield in the future. As well as offering camping supplies, we offer convenient services such as air bed pumping and chair rental.  We also supply innovate products such as drink carriers and festival essentials!

Over the years we have won a number of awards and accreditation for our business model and the innovative products we supply. Of course, our ability to grow and reach more festival year after year, wouldn’t have been possible without the support from you, the festival goer. Thank you.

Love & Light